Call for Abstracts

Business Management

  • Reinventing “global localization”: the local manufacturing ecosystem
  • Manufacturing As A Service (MAAS): What is it, and is it realistic?
  • Manufacturing business requirements for governments to consider, to decrease risk
  • Availability of local, national and international support and resources
  • The evolving role and opportunity of the EMS business model

Manufacturing Intelligence

  • Dynamic resource management
  • Autonomous automation / software-driven manufacturing
  • Intelligent Maintenance
  • Data acquisition methodologies and best practice
  • Ways of using data to gain the maximum benefit through visibility, control and AI

Supply Chain / Manufacturing Ecosystem

  • Security, trust and reliability
  • Can ‘Lean’ or ‘ Just In Time’ be reinvented in the 21st Century?
  • Addressing the risks of counterfeit materials and products
  • Controlling distribution to meet with restrictions and requirements
  • Sustainability in the Supply Chain – ethical sourcing, reducing distance to end-customer

New Product Technology Requirements On Manufacturing

  • New manufacturing skills, tools and automation
  • E-Mobility, including batteries, chargers etc.
  • Domestic renewable energy management
  • Cybernetics and medical devices, online and embedded
  • IIoT devices

Environmental / The Circular Economy

  • Design for sustainability, including repair, recycling and market feedback
  • Should investment in re-use and recycling equal that of manufacturing?
  • Energy efficiency and collaboration


  • Manufacturing network (OT) cybersecurity
  • Impact of CMMC on the industry

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eSmart Factory COMMITTEE

Presentations are invited from engineers, practitioners and researchers in the sectors below. All presentations should be solution-led, objective in nature and free from any form of commercial bias.

Abstract deadline:  September 14th, 2022