Call for Abstracts

eSmart Factory 2021

The eSmartFactory conference is uniquely focused on next-generation innovation, technologies and best practices, as the industry evolves with increased automation in both hardware and software, changing the paradigm of assembly manufacturing.

Industry influencers and thought-leaders, scientists, researchers, engineers and managers are invited to submit abstracts on the range of topics below. If accepted the author will prepare a PowerPoint presentation and record it with the conference presentation staff.

All submissions must be non-commercial in nature and focus on the process, technology and/or innovation.

Advanced Automation, Robots, Cobots 3D Printing

The next generation of self­healing, closed-loop, fully automated, flexible production processes are highly anticipated. What should we expect in the near and long-term in regards to opportunities and resolved challenges, and the effect that has for the manufacturing business:

Smart Industry 4.0 – Software

“Automation of automation” across the whole factory, driven by changing business need, is the crux of Industry 4.0, providing continuous visibility, control and optimization across the many inter-related machines and human activities:

Manufacturing & Supply-Chain Security

Supply chain security, design and data integrity have a raised level of concern in a data-driven environment.

Next Generation Materials & Devices

Relieving the key constraints of materials, in terms of process and supply-chain requirements, is critical for a step-change increase in flexibility, cost reduction and environmental repair. Technical innovation in materials and devices today drives the opportunity for production and factory changes tomorrow:

Abstracts are now closed

The full program will be avaialble on July 14th

Presentations should be process-focused and free from commercial bias. A conference template is available. Presentations should be 30 minutes long in total, allowing 10 minutes for questions and Answers.

All submissions will be judged by the conference committee. No information will be shared with any other third party.

Successful presenters will be notified in early July and arrangements made to prerecord all presentations. The recorded presentations will be added to the program with a 10 minute window added for a Live Q & A with audience members. Presenters will be entitled to a free conference pass, plus one for a colleague from the same organization.

Recording deadline: September 10th, 2021

eSmart Factory COMMITTEE