May 8th Nürnberg, Germany

Digital Transformation and Hyperautomation

Industry 4.0

The eSmart Factory conference aims to provide a platform for industry professionals, researchers, and entrepreneurs to discuss and showcase the latest innovations and solutions driving the transformation of manufacturing in the era of Industry 4.0. This event will serve as a meeting point for experts to share their knowledge, experiences, and best practices, fostering the development of a sustainable and efficient manufacturing ecosystem.

Sustainable technologies

Presentations and discussions will center on the development of energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and resource-conserving technologies that contribute to a greener and more sustainable manufacturing environment.

Automation and robotics

As automation and robotics continue to play a significant role in modern manufacturing, the conference will explore their potential to streamline processes, improve productivity, and enable greater flexibility in production and supply chain management.

Digital transformation

The conference will delve into the various aspects of digital transformation, including the integration of IoT, big data, AI, and machine learning technologies into manufacturing processes, which are critical to achieving the goals of Industry 4.0.

Supply chain resilience

In light of recent global events, the eSmart Factory conference will emphasize the need for robust and adaptable supply chains, addressing the challenges of risk management, logistics, and procurement in a rapidly changing world.

Workforce development

As manufacturing evolves, so must the skills and competencies of its workforce. The conference will discuss strategies to cultivate a skilled and agile workforce, capable of adapting to new technologies and industry demands.


The unique focus of the eSmartFactory conference 2023, is to create and discover best practices for Digital Transformation and Hyper-automation, addressing the very real challenges that manufacturing faces from all that the last few years has thrown at it.

Sponsor Packages


Technical Committee

Trevor Galbraith

Trevor Galbraith

Conference Chair


Michael Ford

Aegis Corporation


Naim Kapadia



Gregory Vance



Rudy Ghosh



Thomas Marktscheffel


Torsten Vegelahn

Torsten Vegelahn

ASYS Group


Koh Young


Koh Young
Global SMT & Packaging


Expo and Hotel Venue

Sheraton Carlton Hotel
Eilgutstraße 15
90443 Nürnberg

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Distance From Property: 9 KM
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Bus Station: Nuremberg ZOB

Subway Station: Hauptbahnhof / Main Station

Train Station: Central Railway Station



Digital Transformation and Hyperautomation

Sponsor Packages

By being a part of eSMART Factory 2023 you can align your business with key companies that are shaping the electronics manufacturing industry.  Strengthen your existing relationships and meet new business contacts through access to a diverse range of colleagues and thought leaders.

Connections will be made everywhere – in unique, educational sessions and during the many breaks and networking opportunities. eSmart Factory will help you build and collaborate ideas with companies at the forefront of the future of the industry throughout the day.


Sandy Daneau – Director of Sales

eSmart Factory 2023 Exhibitor Package

The tabletop displays are 6’ long x 2’ wide and are equipped with two (2) chairs and space for a pop-up banner. Each exhibit has one (1) complementary ticket covering coffee break, beverages, and lunch.

Logo will also appear on website and registration materials as an exhibitor.    

PRICE: €1,000

Welcome Sponsorship Package

Your company logo on lanyards, delegate notebooks, pens and on all printed and digital promotion of the event.  Recognition in program!

PRICE: €3,000 SOLD

Delegate Bag Sponsorship Package

A highly visible promotional opportunity for your company, each attendee will receive a conference registration bag that they will use throughout the conference as well as when they get back home or to the office.  It is certain to call attention to your company!  Sponsorship Includes: Sponsor logo/message printed on conference registration bag one-side and included on all printed and digital promotion of the event as a sponsor and recognized in the program! 

PRICE:  €1,000  SOLD

All Day Coffee Sponsorship Package

What is a conference without coffee? The All-Day Coffee Sponsorship is an exclusive sponsorship where your logo will be noticed at every break while the attendees enjoy a good cup of joe.  Your logo will appear on their cup of coffee at the morning, lunch, and afternoon break. Your logo as a sponsor of the breaks will appear on the program as well and a sign at the coffee station too.  Recognition in program!

PRICE: €2,000   

Cocktail Hour Sponsorship Package

This would be an exclusive sponsorship that will take place on May 8th in the bar of the Sheraton Carlton Hotel in Nuremburg, Germany from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Company logo banner in bar area, master event signage, website logo & link as the sponsor of the cocktail hour. Cocktail napkins and promotional materials will include your logo. This will include cocktails and soft drinks plus a selection of hors d’oeuvres.

PRICE: €3,000