Intelligent manufacturing

Abstracts are invited for presentations on

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

A dynamic hybrid event hosted from MTC, Coventry, United Kingdom.

World class
conference facilities

This year, due to covid restrictions, the conference will be held in the UK at the Manufacturing Technology Centre.

In what is likely to be the first live conference post-covid, the MTC provides a state-of-the-art conference theater.

MTC hosts the most advanced electronics manufacturing laboratory in the UK and delegates will receive a guided tour from MTC experts.

The GlobalSMT TV team will be on hand to introduce presenters and guests from around the world and to livestream the event.

* Social distancing and covid prevention measures will be in place

Enjoy sumptuous food!

MTC chefs will prepare a sumptuous delegate lunch as  you network with your peers and browse through the tabletop exhibits.

The Experience

The digital experience will be truly inclusive and immersive. Digital delegates will feel fully engaged with the physical conference through a unique online platform that is super-easy to navigate and has full Q&A, polling, raise your hand and other features. The entire event is hosted through ongoing presentations from the GlobalSMT team and industry experts throughout the day.

Break Rooms

And during coffee breaks and lunch breaks, digital delegates will be able to join us in a virtual meeting room, where you can grab a seat at any table to catch up with your friends, colleagues and even the presenters!

Call for Abstracts