Michael FordEuropean Marketing Director


    Working for Aegis Software provides Michael the opportunity to apply his many years of electronics assembly manufacturing experience, to drive both business and technology solution innovation that satisfies evolving needs in digital manufacturing.

    Starting his career with Sony, including eight years working in Japan, Michael has created many solutions for manufacturing that blend a deep and broad knowledge of manufacturing with evolving software technologies.

    Today, Michael is an established thought leader for Industry 4.0 and digital Smart factories, an active contributor to industry standards together with the IPC, in the areas of the Connected Factory Initiative (CFX), traceability and the digital factory platform.

    “The eSmart Factory – Plug And Play Edition”

    The whole manufacturing world is going digital, though with many parallel courses in manufacturing, product engineering and supply-chain. The Digital “whatever” series of messaging from different companies provides inspiration, but also confusion as to what actual digital entities are needed, who provides them, and how they interact. As digital data standards emerge, we need to put some perspective on what true digital manufacturing of the future, including supply-chain and quality as well as manufacturing itself, will need. How vendors in the industry cope with and gain benefit from working alongside each other.

    Taking the IPC standards of 2581 (Digital Product Model), 1782 level 4 (Digital Traceability), and the latest Connected Factory Exchange (CFX) shop-floor Industrial IoT standard as examples, we take a fresh look at the roles and responsibilities of machine and robot vendors, human operators, MES, ERP and PLM solution providers to see how and where these technologies plug and play together to achieve manufacturing business goals. Connecting business and technology takes IIoT from an academic discussion into a real-world revolution. This is how the complete digital manufacturing factory is likely and practicably to be seen in just a short time to come.

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