Speakers – Day Two


Maik J. Seewald

Maik Seewald has nearly thirty years of engineering and security experience. He works as a Senior Technical Leader in Cisco’s Enterprise Networking Group. He focuses on the development of Industrial IoT architecture, security and standards for Cisco’s CTAO team.

Before Cisco, Maik was a senior research and development architect and CISSP for Siemens, specializing in systems, software, and security architectures in energy and industrial automation. Earlier, he held project management, architecture, and engineering positions at Infineon, Audi, Siemens COM, and AMD. Maik received a degree in Informational Techniques and a Qualified Engineer degree from Dresden University.

His special fields of interest comprise cyber security, system and software architecture of IoT/M2M systems and distributed intelligence. Maik Seewald is Cisco’s representative for communication, security and automation in IEC TC 57, IEC TC 65, DKE, IEEE, OPC UA, and UCA.


Tovi Yadin

Tovi Yadin is passionate about leveraging advanced technologies such as AI and ML to optimize manufacturing and make the world a better place. In her current role she focuses on smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0, promoting Siemens' data-driven manufacturing initiative.


Michael Ford

Working for Aegis Software provides Michael the opportunity to apply his years of electronics assembly manufacturing experience, to drive both business and technology solution innovation that satisfies evolving needs in digital manufacturing.

Starting his career with Sony, including eight years working in Japan, Michael has been instrumental in creating many solutions for manufacturing that blend a deep and broad knowledge of manufacturing, with evolving software technologies.

Today, Michael is an established thought leader for Industry 4.0 and digital Smart factories, an active contributor to industry standards with the IPC, in the areas of the Connected Factory Initiative (CFX), traceability and the digital factory platform.


Radu Diaconescu

Radu is an Electrical Engineer, with an M.Sc. in Management of Technology from EPFL (Swiss Technical Institute), Lausanne, Switzerland. He Hs a vast industrial experience in the field of electronics and is currently managing Swissmic's business development efforts and sits in the Board of Directors. He also co-chairs the IPC 1782 Critical Components Traceability standard committee and the IPC 2551 Digital Twin Architecture standard committee.


Leland Smith Ph.D.

Dr. Smith has 13 years of experience engineering novel materials for power sources including solar PV, supercapacitors and lithium-ion microbatteries. He co-founded Millibatt in 2015 and currently leads Millibatt’s pilot manufacturing and process development efforts.


Ivan Aduna

Ivan leads the Koh Young smart factory integration efforts for electronics manufacturing. His expertise mixed with theoretical and practical knowledge positions him with the ability to understand, adopt, and implement software advancements from both the user and supplier perspectives.


Andrew Scheuermann

Andrew has over 15 scientific papers in the fields of semiconductor electronics and renewable energy and holds a PhD in Materials Science from Stanford where he accomplished a world record in silicon photoanode efficiency. Andrew co-founded Arch Systems in 2015.


Carlos Rojas

Works directly with Cisco Global Manufacturing customers to assist with their Industry 4.0 digitization efforts. Support sales teams to build strategic account plans for top enterprise global accounts in order to capture net new wallet from factory digitization projects.


Gregory Vance

Gregory Vance is a Sr. Project Engineer on Rockwell Automation’s PCBA Global Process Engineering Team and a certified LSS 6σ MBB focusing on manufacturing and business process improvements. He serves on the SMTA Board of Directors as VP of Expositions.


Rudy Ghosh Ph.D.

As the Technical Program Lead at NovaCentrix, Rudy Ghosh helps translate technical innovations into customer ready products. He works closely with NovaCentrix’s customers, technology partners, and collaborators across the world to solve technical challenges and identify new avenues for the application of NovaCentrix’s industry leading technologies in PulseForge tools and Metalon inks for printed and flexible electronics. As a technical expert in the printed electronics industry, he is often an invited speaker for a variety of printed electronics conferences. Rudy also works with the global business team to define and engage in commercial opportunities related to the technical program and furthers those areas of opportunity through industry outreach and engagement.