Michael Ford

Aegis Corporation

Working for Aegis Software provides Michael the opportunity to apply his years of electronics assembly manufacturing experience, to drive both business and technology solution innovation that satisfies evolving needs in digital manufacturing.

Starting his career with Sony, including eight years working in Japan, Michael has been instrumental in creating many solutions for manufacturing that blend a deep and broad knowledge of manufacturing, with evolving software technologies.

Today, Michael is an established thought leader for Industry 4.0 and digital Smart factories, an active contributor to industry standards with the IPC, in the areas of the Connected Factory Initiative (CFX), traceability and the digital factory platform.


Radu Diaconescu

Radu is an Electrical Engineer, with an M.Sc. in Management of Technology from EPFL (Swiss Technical Institute), Lausanne, Switzerland. He Hs a vast industrial experience in the field of electronics and is currently managing Swissmic's business development efforts and sits in the Board of Directors. He also co-chairs the IPC 1782 Critical Components Traceability standard committee and the IPC 2551 Digital Twin Architecture standard committee.


Naim Kapadia


Naim has been working with the MTC since 2012, developing capability in advance production system (APS) and additive manufacturing in Electronics (AME). Naim Kapadia has been responsible and leading the Smart Factory for Electronics Manufacturing using legacy equipment project. Prior to joining Naim has over 25 years of experience in the electronics manufacturing working for contract manufacturers and PCB fabricators. Naim has participated and led many programs in the UK disseminating Montreal protocol , the development of Surface Mount Technology and lead-free implementation.


Gregory Vance


Gregory Vance is a Sr. Project Engineer on Rockwell Automation’s PCBA Global Process Engineering Team and a certified LSS 6σ MBB focusing on manufacturing and business process improvements. He serves on the SMTA Board of Directors as VP of Expositions.


Rudy Ghosh Ph.D.


As the Technical Program Lead at NovaCentrix, Rudy Ghosh helps translate technical innovations into customer ready products. He works closely with NovaCentrix’s customers, technology partners, and collaborators across the world to solve technical challenges and identify new avenues for the application of NovaCentrix’s industry leading technologies in PulseForge tools and Metalon inks for printed and flexible electronics. As a technical expert in the printed electronics industry, he is often an invited speaker for a variety of printed electronics conferences. Rudy also works with the global business team to define and engage in commercial opportunities related to the technical program and furthers those areas of opportunity through industry outreach and engagement.

Before joining NovaCentrix, Rudy was a Post-Doc at the Microelectronics Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin, where he led the Center’s research into the synthesis of 2D materials. Rudy holds a PhD in Physics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a MS in Physics from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. Rudy has authored over 30 publications in a variety of technical journals. Photonic Soldering Temperature Sensitive Components with High Temperature Solder Alloys "Photonic Soldering utilizes pulses of high intensity light from a flash lamp. Flashes of light are used as the energy source to uniformly heat up a large exposure area. Being a light driven process, photonic soldering offers the ability to preferentially heat specific areas of a working device by masking components, using differences in absorption, changing in light intensity and exposure duration over a few seconds. This in turn enables product designers to combine components, substrates and solder alloys that are not feasible with reflow ovens while allowing very high volume – high throughput – manufacturing processes.


Thomas Marktscheffel

ASM Assembly Systems

Thomas is working for ASM Assembly Systems and in his job as Product Manager he is responsible for defining and building the SW Integration Platform for ASM’s SMT # 1 Smart Factory. As a member of several IPC committees, he is strongly driving for global industry standards such as CFX and Hermes. Thomas has more than 20 years experience in the SMT industry.